Can spinal lesion cause problems above it

Hi. I have had three MRIs in the last year… All are clear. I have just one lesion (described as an area of hypersensitivity) in the c7 lesion. However I had a few balance issues last year and have a number of problems in the face… Trigeminal neuralgia and pins and needles in the mouth. My question is can a lesion in the spine cause these sort of issues. I thought a lesion could disrupt signals further down the track, so to speak… Not up top.

Also, whilst the MRIs keep showing one lesion, my condition is worsening… And my last MRI showed that this area of hypersensitivity has decreased and showing no denervation.


According to the spinal map C7 extends elbow & wrist.
Map of Spinal Column (

Smouldering MS means damage is going on all the time.
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