Can someone please help me i feel so alone

Hi all, want to keep this short as possible so people dont read and run, but desperately need help, 2 years ago i had my daughter at age 30 there is a 10 yr gap from her brother, she was a huge baby and got stuck both her and my heart rate dropped, i had a spinal block form epidural and was in agony on one side.

since having her iv suffered with these attacks of rib and back pain, like someone is squeezing me to death and my ribs are going to crush, the pain is unbareable, my legs give way i lose energy and go all hot and clammy until i collapse myself on the floor, the pain lasts for half an hr feeling like im having a heart attack, then when it passes i have a bruising pain in my ribs lasting all day or maybe 2 from the attack, my memory has gone terrible, but no bad vision or tingling.

iv suffered for 2 years now and feel like im being neglected by my doctor who was refering me to gastrology when there is nothing wrong with my stomach it is my upper chest and back, finaly got my point accross and demanded i be refered to see a neurologist and she has made me a referal, i have had to search my own symptoms online because i felt so alone like no one understands, when i get a spasm attack i become so emotional and cry sobbing to my partner, i honestly would rather be dead than suffer like this and need a diagnosis so i can get help, i found a post leading me here, does my symptoms sound like i may have ms? i would appreciate any advice please im going to see a neurologist the begining of april and im sure i will get the test they think i need, but just desperate for some answers, thanks


Hi Chloe It really doesn’t sound like anything I’ve been through, but hey, I’m not a doctor !! I’m sure someone with more knowledge and experience will be along soon. And your neuro appointment will creep up on you before you know it and hopefully put you on the right path to answers and help. Just wanted to say hi and sorry you are feeling so low. Xx

Hi Chloe

I’m going to start by apologising, I can’t help with a diagnosis but I do hope your appointment with the neurologist answers those questions. Can you not phone and ask for them to offer any cancellations to you? I would also see the GP and calmly describe the pain. Surely there must be something they can give you for pain. A referral to the pain clinic may also be beneficial, that is their specialty and I was impressed with how they helped me.

Good luck

Min xx

Hi Chloe and welcome :slight_smile: I have some sympathy with your GP as chest pain is often caused by gastro problems, but it does sound rather like yours is muscular instead. If it is the “MS hug”, it still may not be MS though. The hug is caused by a lesion in or compression of the spinal cord or nerves and that can be caused by many different things. I don’t know, but perhaps it can be caused by an epidural going wrong? I think you are absolutely right to have insisted on a referral to neurology, but I think you need to be sure to keep an open mind - a structural cause is much more likely than MS. There are meds that can help the hug so it might be worthwhile seeing your GP again and asking for something since it is causing you so much distress. Karen x

Thank you so much for your answers and advice, i wish i could go to my gp but i refuse to, she is not nice and i feel neglected by her, she shouts at me, makes me feel uncomfortable and does not listen, for 2 years iv told her my pain and my spasm attacks and she just gives me paracetamol or codiene, they do nothing for my pain, iv even had to call an ambulance out and given gas and air to relieve my symptoms, she doesnt care and i have no choice but to change my gp sooner the better, i hardly ever go the docs an when i do its with this pain, i dont think she knows whats wrong with me and prms me off, i have been given stronger pain killers from family who have seen the pain i am in like tremadol, diazapan which help so much with the spasms, and i hate taking tablets but have no choice, sometimes iv walked in a room and it feels like im on a boat and had to hold on to something, i found out about the ms hug through my search which led me here, i hope it is not anything permanent, and something that can be treated, im just going to have to wait out my neurologust appointment middle of April and finaly get some answers and help i need, i did not know you can have the ms hug without ms that kind of makes me feel better, thanks so much :slight_smile:

chloe demand to see another Dr or if all else fails think about changing practices,afterall it is your health NOT theirs and you deserve answers and a quality of life mate x

hope things improve for you