can someone help me

hello this my first time using this forum, and maybe someone can help me.
I got catheter problem, please help me get my catheter back.

Thank you

Self-catherterisation is not pleasant, I 've had to do it myself.
It was assumed to be the MS that was causing it but it was due to a enlarged prostate gland (benign) usually called benign prostrate hyperplasia. A Urologist I saw gave me Cialis which is also used for erectile dysfunction. I was told to stop self-catheterisation and was given a type of thick condom which had a tube on the end connected to a leg bag to catch the urine.
Eventually, the Cialis did the job and I stopped having urine problems. It also improved my sex life which was what Cialis
was developed for, but later found it shrank my prostate enlargement and I currently take 5mg per day and no self-catherterisation. Ask your Urologist about it.

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Hi Liz.
Are you saying the issue you have with your catheter is having the catheter supplies? Are you saying you need guidance in how to do it or what other resolutions/alternatives.