Can MS induced optic neuritis damage be confused for glaucoma?

Bear in mind that I am not diagnosed, but I suddenly wondered if the two trabulectomy operations for glaucoma I have had done urgently at short notice this year could possibly have been a consequence of mistaking optic neuritis for glaucoma. Does anyone feel qualified to comment on whether the differences are clear cut between these conditions?

Bearing in mind that all my knowledge of vision is academic only, I would say no. Optic neuritis does not lead to increased pressure in the eye so if your pressure was high, it will have been glaucoma.

In theory, vision loss because of optic neuritis could be confused with vision loss because of glaucoma, but only if the right tests weren’t done. I can’t imagine they would have done urgent surgery without checking though?

Karen x


I can say 100% that Optic neuritis and glaucoma are two seperate condictions. The two trabulectomys you had done were to release the occular pressure contained within your eye ball. There are some wonderfull information sheets that can explain some of your worries. If you would like more info just PM me and i will send you a copy. I am always hesitent to answer medical questions due to the fact that i have cognative problems and have trouble with spelling and getting over what i have to say. In my past life before MS i worked in a eye clinic for many years. I have glaucoma myself and also have optic neuritis so i can understand how you feel.

I,m sending you a ((Hug))

Take care,

Jane xxx

Thanks Jane, its amazing what range of backgrounds/knowledge you come across in people on this site.

Bob x