Can MS be predicted?

Hello, my husband has MS and I would like to know how I can request predict disease (MS) test for my daughter through NHS.

Thank you

no, there is no way to predict it. it isn’t hereditary although there is a slightly increased risk if a parent has it. try the MS Trust because a lady who comes on here has so much information that she gets from there. anyway don’t let your daughter hear you voice your concerns because it would be a big worry to her. i was talking to a group of people with ms and one asked if i had had any symptoms going way back. i did have symptoms going back to being 10 years old. then someone asked would it have been better to be diagnosed then and starting treatment. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I was diagnosed at 50 and was able to cope. cherish your daughter’s good health because nobody knows what is round the corner.


Hello Tora

As Carole said, MS is not hereditary and cannot be predicted. Have a look at You’ll see there is a one in 67 chance of your child getting MS.


Hi Tora, I had the same concerns as you, there is a history of MS in my family, as a child I watched my uncle bedridden, unable to talk or feed himself, you can imagine how terrified I was on getting my diagnosis. That was way back in the 70’s no dmt’s and very little they could do to help my uncle, I suspect my father had MS too, as I understand the symptoms now. Things are very different today, the research into MS has come on leaps and bounds. There is no way to predict our children getting MS but there are things we can be aware of. I have read that there are certain factors that predispose us to developing MS and environmental factors are one of those. I have spoken openly to my children who are young adults about the research into this. The advice given is; Don’t smoke, take vitamin D and maintain a healthy weight there is also some evidence that good gut health is connected as a trigger to auto immune diseases and recommends a healthy diet, cut out sugar and dairy. As Carole says cherish good health and enjoy life.