Can I reverse symptoms in any way

Is it possible to reverse current symptoms once treatment has started? I’m waiting my review to discuss treatment and I’m lost :see_no_evil: can I get started on DMT and then try to work on symptoms such as legs easily fatigued, unbalanced at times, pain behind eyes

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Yes and no, but it has nothing to do with being on any drug treatment. It’s never too late to work on getting your body in better shape, but how much PT you can do or what difference it makes can vary greatly for each person.

Some of my symptoms only occur if I over-exert myself or, like today, spend too much time in the heat. Others are there all the time. Still more only appear during a relapse.

The best I can suggest is to manage your symptoms as best you can and experiment with ways to try making them better.

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You can’t correct damage that has already been done, but it is possible to improve on what you have.
Get a physio to check you out and suggest an exercise programme to help keep your muscles as strong as possible.


Hi @Mumof2

Are you keeping a daily diary to monitor yourself? I use CLEO to check my problem areas like sleep quality, anxiety levels, pain etc. I also keep detailed notes in the journal and I’ve surprised myself with things I’ve figured out.

I was dx Sept ‘21 and I still feel it’s quite new, I’m still always reading (Prof G) or watching YouTube vids (Aaron Boster).
It is confusing and a lot to take in but If you need any pointers, you know where we are!

All the best xxx

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