Can I ask...

you good people- I have ms and I am on no DMD but my platelet are getting higher. Has this happend to anyone else? I know this is not a symptom of ms but I am waiting on bloods results but can it be an ms thing???

Dx thanks in advance

Sorry Dee1972, I can’t answer your question but just wanted to say Hi! Sure you’ll get some good advice on here very soon. x

Hey Dee - I don’t have this problem. But I have just googled it for you. Seems to be concern with low platelets and not so much worry about high platelets. I would ask your GP Hugs Min. Xx

hi dee

sorry can’t amswer your question.

my husband has high platelets and when the blood donor van is in our neighbourhood they always ask him to donate extra platelets, so it seems they are a good thing.

carole x

When my son was 2 he had very low platelets. We were living in the US at the time and he was treated for this (over here it is considered to be self limiting and not something they would treat - or it was at that time). The treatment he had worked and his platelet count shot up, there was general rejoicing and we went on our way. So why is a high platelet count considered a bad thing for you? I think you need to find out from the doctor that is getting this checked.

Hi All, Thanks for your reply. My platelets have been high now for 3 years and each time they just seem to get higher with blood test. I am seeing a blood dr and it can be caused by nastiesor auto immune diseases. So I am a little worried and thought that if I was on dmd or something similar would my platelet lower.

This is probably not even ms related and am sorry to post. My mam had similar symptoms and passes way 5 years at 56 from a silent cancer. And I am wondering if I really do have ms or something else.