Can I ask a stupid question ?

NOOOOOO, you two! I have a Chas and Dave ear worm now, and it’s all your fault!! ( ≧Д≦)

i know two jokes, just two, and your post above reminds me of one regarding an escaped, convicted clairvoyant.

i would tell the gag, but the mods would come and delete my post and it would ruin my weekend.

and besides, there is no chance that you’ve not already heard it and so why cause the bother?

Just checked out the Dr Swank diet. That could’ve brought up interesting google searches… He lost me at 3 coffees a day…and no red meat !! Dude, Sunday mornings are made for Bacon butties ! When I used to drink Guatemala Elephant coffee (right job getting it in the cafetiere…) the shop keeper said he had a 91 year old come in and swear one cup a day kept him going…

Hi Andy I’m sad I pinched the name from a Sweet song. I try to avoid chocolate but it just follows me till I give in and eat some. Hospital stories hmm take care

i must have missed the chapter on no coffee.

as for the bacon side of things… i never ate it anyway… i’m of the opinion that the poor piggies are too clever for their own good and killing them is just cruel.

it has been proven that pigs have a greater learning capacity and awareness intellect than dogs. and we would prefer to keep canines from the menu and so logic dictates…

however, poultry are stupid animals and you can buy what i call Fakon (ie. fake bacon) made from either chicken or turkey and so sunday (and saturday mornings) remain as bacon butty days!


i do miss the beef… in steak and burger forms… but that is due to the saturated fat content. when you look at stuff such as venison, moose, elk and kangaroo, you options open up again. horse ain’t bad either!

fact is, whilst swank is MS specific, everyone on the planet would do themselves a huge favour by dodging anything and everything derived from cows. those bovine bastards have been poisoning us for decades!

Horse, yup, I’ve had Tesco lasagna. 3 cups of coffee A DAY, I done that by 11 !!! Kangaroo appeals, do you fight over the boxing gloves ? Moose sound interesting. Always wanted to try Emu ? Something about Roy Hull’s arm puts me off though. …

Not Wig wam bam ? Ballroom blitz ? Yeah, good choice !

Sorry to be adding trivia to this thread, but actually (seriously)!!! the lead singer of sweet, is my god mothers brother!!! Claim to fame, well sort of!!! As I’m approaching , rapidly !!! the big 50, sorry to say I can’t remember his name, the beauty of age, mmmm! Tracey x

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that’s nothing! my mum once dated the drummer for Iron Maiden (before they were famous… and had a good drummer…)

Kangaroo is nice; just don’t get the tail. very stringy.

Ostrich is tasty, but Swank demands only boob meat! no wings or drumsticks; the latter being why ostrich is a tasty thing.

Brian Connolley. It’s a puppet !!! Maybe not that one

Do you want another silly 1?!!! My Taid (Grandad) sorry if that sounds patronising! invented no 8 rock, sweet rock that is told you silly, you probably have no idea what I’m on about, famous in these here hills!!! Tracey x

PS Wish you’d have said ACDC, would have been REALLY impressed!!! Tracey x

Learning a lot of interesting stuff in here, I’m sad I don’t have anything to share myself!

Doug Sampson ?

Peppermint… The power of Grey skull !!! And Google !

i have no idea… i wasn’t around… i think i got left with the roadies…

One two, One two…

so nice that you lot are staying up past your bedtimes to keep me company.

1:40 in the afternoon over here and about 30C outside

farking redonkulous!

Dude, you US, Canada, Easter Islands ??? (Love their eggs)???