Can drugs interfere with VEP results?

Hi, I’ve got to have a VEP test done soon and wondered if the results could be affected by any of the medication I take, and in particular my home grown variety, if you know what I mean?! Would it be better to lay off the night before do you think? What about sleeping tablets, painkillers, amitrip etc? I don’t want to stop taking everything and end up a wreck on the day, but I don’t want a false result either?

Definitely avoid home grown pain killers - they could affect the result. Problem is that things like cannabis stay in your system for a lot longer than a day so you should probably try and stop earlier than the day before so it may be too late anyway.

Sleeping pills are temporary, but if your appointment is in the morning, you might not want to take one the night before - only problem being that you might be knackered which doesn’t tend to be helpful when spending time sitting looking at a very boring screen with black and white squares on it!

Painkillers - it depends on the med. If they are neuropathic (and that includes amitriptyline), then they might affect the result, but I doubt it would be a major effect.

Probably best to just tell the person running the VEP test what you take so whoever’s interpreting the results can take it into consideration rather than start mucking about with your meds.

Karen x

Thanks Karen, will stay off the home grown for a day or two then! And fess up to the rest x