Can anyone suggest treatment

Hi everybody,

I have had RR MS since 2006.

I suffer from at least 2-3 relapses every year.

I have been treated with MP 500 mg over 5 days and it has always helped but had the last dose about 2 months ago and i am still having problems with my eyes, feeling very unstable on my feet and headaches wirh memory loss.

Can anybody please give some advice.


i’m sorry but what is MP?

have you tried LDN? a lot of people find it helpful.

carole x


I had MP too don’t know of anything else but someone else may. Your eyes, not sure what’s wong but Dr. gave me some eye exrises when I was cross eyed which worked quite well and I still use when needed. I’m just going to ask about Cyclizine which Dr. gave me to see if it helped my unsteadiness/vertigo.

Hope this helps Yvonne xx