Can anyone help me read this neroroligist handwriting please ?

Hi all. Been told to choose between three medications … only trouble is that I can’t read the handwriting to look them up !

Can someone help at all please? I’m also interested if anyone has experiance of either drug please.

Looks like:

Tecfidare (tablets)

Lemtrada (drip infusion)

Cladnbine (tablets)


Have a look at The decision aid has information about all the drugs available for people with relapsing remitting MS. It details the method in which the drug is taken, the expected relapse reduction rate and the potential side effects.

Hopefully this will help.


Tecfidera Lemtrada Cladribine I’ve had a positive experience so far with lemtrada. I posted about it at the time (and since) which you should be able to find through clicking my name

Thanks Sue. I would look them up if only I could read what they say

Thanks Pob !!

I shall have a flick through your posts later.

Thanks again.

Hello I have also recently been diagnosed I’m going to try lemtrada beats taking tablets or injections all the time x