Can anyone 'feel' inflammation?

Silly question, sorry! But has anyone felt new lesions/inflammation developing?? I have sore feelings down my spine and also increased nerve pain and spasms, could this be signs of another area of inflammation developing??

Am back at Neuro next week and hoping may have some answers after MRI showing enhancing lesion/old lesion and positive LP for O Bands.

Had a bad night last night, no sleep at all with intense burning in left leg and hip plus dislodged the duvet with ridiculous spasming in leg and shooting pains in lady bits. Not liking this much and feeling down for the first time.

Off to docs day after neuro appt to discuss possibility of Amitriptylene to help with both issues.


for no reason i think that the burning pain in my feet is inflammation.

nobody with a medical background has said this but i feel that i know it is.

i’ve always been weird but ms has put my weirdness into overdrive.

luckily there are lots of us the same.

Hello Minnie

I don’t think I’ve ever ‘felt’ inflammation exactly. Not that it’s a silly question, someone recently said that not asking questions is silly.

There’s probably no reason why you shouldn’t feel inflammatory activity while it’s happening. And maybe like Carole, you’ve got feelings that actually are the inflammation in action.

With regard to your drug questions though, Amitriptyline could help the shooting pains in your ladies bits, and with burning pains in general (that’s what I take it for), but probably not the spasms. Spasms and spasticity are a different thing to the burny, shooty type of pain. They need some kind of muscle relaxant to stop them. The problem with muscle relaxants is that too much and your muscles might not have enough firmness to do their job properly.

So you could try Baclofen for the spasms, just on a very low dose to begin with, to see how they work and whether there’s any unwanted weakness.

And equally, Amitriptyline is a brilliant drug for the burning type things (I can’t imagine how horrible it is in your ladies area!). Again, you need to start slowly on the dosage and take it in the evenings, but not to late because some people have a nasty ‘hangover’ the next morning.

I take both drugs, and have done quite successfully for some years. From time to time, I still get spasms and burning type pains, but I just take more drugs to sort these out, and generally they do, even if it takes a little while. For me, prevention is better than curing the symptoms once they start.