Morning everyone, hope you’re all ok, my sister is currrently going through a lot of tests because she’s been having alot of problems neuro wise, bad pain in eye and head, constant headaches, the pain travels down the side of her neck into her shoulder and down her arn and her torso, all on the left side, she also gets fatigued,she’s had the tests run on her heart, all good, loads of blood tests, she had an mri scan which showed lesions, she saw a new neuro last week who says he doesn’t things it’s ms, thank god, but whats more bloods done to check for mimics, now she already been tested for lupus, and lymes, nothing showing, he’s also sending her for a visual evoke, one question he asked her was, did she getting running eyes, plus nose, ie water coming down the nose for no reason, I was just wondering if anyone else had ever been ask this, I know I haven’t, but I have to say this happens to me, take care all, Jean x

Hy gene,

As her Neuro has taken lots of blood; if he is not a vampire there probably testing for this as it has some similarities with symptoms you describe. this does also cause lesions…


Thanks for you’re reply, yes it’s very possible, how do we know that more of us on here don’t have hughes instead of ms, it mentions about headaches and migraine as just being one of the symptoms, well I think a lot on here could say thats them, what ever test they run for hughes, should be run along side the test for ms as a matter of course, but that still doesn’t answer my question about runny eyes and nose, thanks again, Jean

Hi Jean, I’m not much help really, I’m afraid but many many years ago, even before I was diagnosed, so going back maybe about 20 years, my eyes used to water if I yawned or blinked continuously. They still do a bit tbh, but I try to “manage” it these days. I never sought help for it it just seemed to me something that most other people my age didn’t suffer from. Cheryl:-)

thanks cheryl, I’m just intrigued as to why he ask this question, and what relation it has to a neuro condition, if any, I can be anywhere and for no reason my nose will just start to run, just clear liquid, I’ve been to the ENT dept and everything is ok, so I’m intrigued, thanks again take care, Jean x