Calling the oldies

Hi Val…thought I would have a quick look in and post to prove it.

Liz xxx

Welcome back!

Oldies? There are a few still here…


Liz - does Hamilton Academicals mean anything to you?

oldies? does that mean an age thing or being aroun here for a while? Is this a culture thing like if you can remember the Poll tax or Come on Irene…

If it’s being around a while, I remember Liz being an ace moderator (not that Val isn’t) as well as the Poll Tax and Come on Eileen.


Hi Liz, you’ve been missed!

Alison x

Hi liz

welcome. Good to hear from an oldie. I am circa 2003. Was trained as a regional website designer in the old days.


hiya liz! i am still lurking… hope you are doing well! ellie x

If you mean time on here, yes I remember Liz as a mod - and the previous forum.

If you mean age, I can remember the Battle of Britain, and steam lorries on the roads.


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