Buy Campath with a Chinese prescription

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to get Camptah for a friend of mine in China.

Do any of you know of a way to get Campath with a Chinese prescription only.

I know the chances are slim but I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

Thank you

Sorry if my answer sounds facetious, but I would have thought the best place to fulfil a Chinese prescription would be China! If it can be legitimately prescribed out there - which, presumably, it can, if your friend has a valid prescription - then why can’t it be sourced there also? I can’t understand why the Chinese doctor would issue a prescription, knowing it wasn’t available there. I think there would be all sorts of difficulties at both ends, trying to acquire it here, for delivery to China. Is there a reciprocal agreement to recognise Chinese prescriptions? And if it’s NOT available in China, then why not? Is it lawful there? What might the penalties be for importing it? Would there be anyone there medically qualified to monitor the patient, or does he/she plan to use it “at own risk”? All sounds very dodgy to me. Tina

Even if it were possible to use a Chinese prescription, there’s no Campath to be had in thr UK. The product was withdrawn for all but existing patients while it goes through the approval process to be licensed for MS. Karen x

Try pharmachecker. It is a website that compares prices of meds.

I heard that they have a pharmacy there that carry Campath and can ship abroad.

I don’t think campath is available in China or in any other Asian country.