bus jurney sets my buzzing off

I have lesions in my spine. Last week I went on a bus journey for 15 minutes (may be a bit longer) and sat over the wheels of the bus. The bus really vibrates at this location in the bus, especially when the driver put on the brakes at traffic lights. There were no other seats left and I couldn’t stand.

Now my lower spine/ lower back is buzzing. Its annoying and a reminder of my spine lesions. Its been six days now. Does anyone else with spine lesions get similar when they take a bus journey?

It puts me off going on the bus. x

Have you spoken to your GP/Neuro/MS Nurse about this? Perhaps one of them will be able to suggest an aid that addresses this ‘buzzing’ ?


(PS:- Is this ‘buzzing’ actually causing any difficulty ?)

Hi Helebon, I have known this, but only during the actual journey, or very shortly afterwards (i.e. a few minutes). I’ve never had it persist six days afterwards. I know this suggestion will not be welcome, but I would begin to wonder if it might not all be related to the bus trip, and you are having a very slight relapse? Or maybe you might have a cold, or something else minor? Often, when I have an infection, I have a pseudo relapse - or a reminder of lesions I’d thought were better. Tina x

I dont get that but leg tremors can be set off by vibrations often coming down stairs on the stair lift.Don

Tina thanks that does make sense, I did think that too as have a bit of a blocked ear and some sneezing. Hi Dom thanks, it’s not causing difficulty, its a bit disappointing as I was hoping my spine was improving. I will try and avoid the bus from now on, or go on the bus when it is not busy.