Broken Leg up date!

Hi Guys

Hope you are all as well as possible?

Up date on my broken leg, it was not only a broken leg but damaged bones in my ankle, under went operation to screw two metal nuts and bolts in hospital 10 days until there sorted out a hospital bed air mattress and mobile commode, haven’t been able to sleep with my husband,choice my own clothes or have a shower as all up stairs and cannot get up there, it’s been 6 months now, I’ve been washing myself in a small sink in our clock room,they have agreed to put a stair lift in (grant from my local council) but it will take 6-8 weeks as it has to be made especially as my stairs are curved, I have been sleeping in our conservatory all this time, oh yes I also have been fitted with a catherta as can’t get to the loo quick enough, still trying to keep going but getting harder and harder, coursing big rife between me and my husband. I just keep reminding myself there are people worst off than me, but at times I cry myself to sleep, feel very lonely.


Oh bless you lets hope the stairlift is soon on its way. how about some antidepressants to stop the crying I love mine its worth a try speak to you GP.

Hugs from Margate XX Don

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Ah Deborah what a truly rotten time you are having.

Let’s hope they get that stair lift in soon and you can at least get upstairs.

I think Don is right… maybe some antidepressants will at least make you feel a bit better in yourself.

Wish there was something we could do to help. Always remember you have friends on here who care about you and are wishing you well.

Hugs and good wishes.

Thinking of you hon.

Pat xx

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Thank you Don and Pat for your comments and support ,as far as antidepressants are concerned I take them already, most days I can cope, looking forward to getting up stairs will be in the shower for a week at least.

Love to you both Deborah

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Oh Deborah what a rotten time you’re having. Like the others I wish you well and hope the stair lift goes in smoothly and quickly. I’m not surprised you’re tearful. I also hope your conservatory is heated, the weather’s definitely not tropical. Oh I hope things settle for you and you can get your catheter out too.

Take care

Cath x

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Oh Deborah

What a horrid time you are having sending (((((hugs)))) to let you know we are thinking of you.

Hope the stair lift is fitted soon, so you can get back up stairs.

Take care

Pam x

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Oh Deborah,

I’m so sorry, that’s all so awful for you, especially not having support from your husband.

Hope the stair lift will soon be fitted. Have you thought of speaking to your MS nurse or GP to see if there’s any help they could offer you,

sending you big hugs and very best wishes,

love Nina x

Hello Deborah.

It sounds like a really testing time for you. I know there are people worse off than us but we are a considerable way down the line and there are a lot more people who are very much fitter and more mobile than us. I often wonder how some people I know would react if they had similar limitations of movement and comfort. I also find it difficult to understand why or how some such people do not take advantage of their mobility-such as those who wrongly park in disabled places or have some sort of aversion to walking.

My dad has a stairlift which is brilliant. It makes visits a little more comfortable. I’m looking forward to the fitting of our new level shower. It makes me feel so much better to be squeaky clean every day rather than face the mountainous step into the antitardis. (It looks bigger from the outside.)

Little steps to improvement.

Best wishes and hugs, Steve.

Hi Deborah

sorry to hear you broke your leg,i hope you soon get your stairlift, i have one i bought it myself as Social services wouldnt give me a grant for one, they wanted me to have a through floor lift,which i didnt want,so i bought one myself on my credit card lol

i am so pleased i bought one though it helps me such a lot and was worth every penny

you will feel much better when you can get a shower/bath each day and sleep in your own bed.

J x

Deborah, What a dreadful time you are having. l fell and did a spiral fracture of my ankle a few years ago. Had a whole meccano set fitted in my foot and ankle. Thankfully, l have a stairlift and was able to get to it with a wheelchair - get to the top and use another w/chair that l had borrowed so l could get to my bedroom and shower. We do have a wet room downstairs - but l prefer my en-suite shower. lt has grab rails fitted - in fact l have grab rails all over the place.They help me keep my independence - l get about the house now with my rollator - also have one at the top of the stair-lift. They hold me upright and l can move quite fast - especially when needing the loo!! There was no way l could manage crutches. And it does mean l can carry all sorts of things in the carrier part. And my plate/mug etc on a tray on the seat.

Lets hope you will be up and about soon and enjoying the spring weather.

Oh Deborah,

your going through a hell of a time, I hope you get your stair lift soon, living in the conservatory is no way to keep going, no wonder your bickering, that happens when things are all out of sorts.

Hugs and love and I hope things get a bit better soon with things

love Polly xxxxx

Hope you get sorted soon Deborah, I have a stairlift the grandchildren love it


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Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, I have taken out my frustration by writing a blog which includes a page with funny diagrams on my stair lift journey, for those that haven’t looked at it yet the address is do take a look and leave any comments. Thanks again Deborah