good day folks, so the British justice system has flexed it’s muscles and punished the criminals of the most heinous crime of…not playing cricket in the right manner, by cheating, by taking money undercover, whilst, in some eyes, the very rich “criminals” are laughing, the Murdoch’s have just to say, we were let down by others, and so they get away with employee’s of news international breaking the law to include, phone hacking of people who have lost loved ones, who are in the public eye, lawyers acting for the people whose phones were hacked, paying money under cover to senior policemen-are they cricketers by chance-and does anyone of the top echelon be charged, or jailed, no, just close a newspaper and scrap a takeover for now, actually set up a mock “assault” of foam type substance and the old man gets sympathy, the assailant gets charged but not the vicious attack of the the wife of Murdoch, today, as always, the “Great” Britain is only for the rich, all else are just cannon fodder, to be used as, and when required, when will the people of Britain wake up and realise this government is only making the rich richer, aided and abetted by the justice system, what causes more ire, riots in protest or the rich taking their money out of the country and not paying tax on it, Britain has more tax havens under it’s name than any other country, seven, are we all equal, juist ask the disabled who have lost benefits, brian