Brighton & East Sussex residents

Hi everyone!

call me crazy but here is an idea… that I can’t help myself but to come out and ask anyways…

I am a 45 year old living on my own with PPMS in Haywards Heath

One aspect that I struggle with the most is loneliness and being on my own in a flat, to the point where I am considering a care home (though physically don’t need to), which got me thinking…

I am wondering if there are others on this forum, that struggle with this as well (or am I the only one!?) , and would be prepared to meet up, get to know each other with the intention of possibly finding a small group of us (say 3-4 people) that get along that may want to move in together?

Instead of so many of us living a lonely life seperately in our own hole, we could find a nice place that suits everyone’s need, live as a 'community, help each other out, be social, be part of something! Not to mention that it would probably be cheaper than living on our own? Or maybe someone here lives in a house with empty rooms and would like to rent it out to like minded people that also understand each other?

Just a thought. Figured it was best to ask around…

In hope of starting a wave of interest here.

Thank you


Hi Marcus,

There seems to be a lot going on in the Brighton and Worthing area.

At the start of the MS Society website click on the “Care and Support” tab.

Select “Local Support” and find the box to enter your town or postcode.

The search term “Haywards Heath” throws up 37 groups and events to choose from.

One or two of these would be a good place to start.

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That is a great idea