Brexit and meds

Arghhhhhhh I’ve said it now Brexit - there is no going back now.

Is anyone else worried about or looked into the supply of their medication when Brexit occurs? I certainly am but have no clue how to find out whether extra supplies are being stockpiled. For me my most important medication that I am worried about is Tecfidera - I really don’t want to run out.

Perhaps it’s media scare stories or fake news!!!

Has anyone looked into this or know how to? I just find it all so secretive but perhaps that’s because no one really knows what’s going on or what will happen - especially in the case of no deal. There must be someone responsible for ensuring supplies of medication, Will that be done at a national level or up to each individual NHS Trusts?

No idea - any thoughts, answers and/or opinions welcome

Min xx

Hello Min Do not worry it is all fake news by all those who want to remain in that European elite who rip off Britain. Would love no deal prices will fall through the floor, food will be so cheap. I am on Tecfidera and I believe it costs £78,000 per year, the drugs companies will get it to you even it means delivering it by a private jet, sledge and huskies. If you do run out I have a spare box which I will send you. Bertie

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In the absence of any meaningful information, I would ask your Chemist if there are likely to be any problems.


It was on the news the other week that they are very prepared for any case scenario and tripled the medication at the storage facilities in the Uk

Hello Min As you know you get Tecfidera via a supplier and you do not go through a chemist. By coincidence my supplier Health Care at Home rang me today about my next delivery. I asked them about your concerns and they said. Whether there is a deal or a no deal, deliveries will not be affected. There you are sorted Going for some dollars for my holiday next week in the Caribbean, the exchange rate has jumped today on hopes of deal. Bertie

I think it only makes sense to ensure you have sufficient of your essential drugs before we get to the point of falling off a cliff. Most drug companies should have considered this, so shortages shouldn’t be a problem; personally I intend to make sure I have sufficient of essentials. Sue

Ahhhh guys thanks so much for all of your replies. Reassured loads. Bertie have a great holiday - sounds like sun sun sun and lots of rum!!!

Min xx

Ps Bertie - thanks for the offer to share your meds I really was touched by your generosity


Min xx

Yes what a lovely thing to do. x

Yes i agree they are there to advise us. although my gp said to me a while back if they are alerted by any short comings of major drugs they will let the patients know. so far fingers crossed. x

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Hi Just to let you know I also have 3 boxes of Tecfidera as I changed drug recently. I’m surprised they didn’t ask for it back but I guess that wouldn’t be allowed… Please don’t worry I’m sure supplies will be fine If you do decide you want them just pm me and I’ll make arrangements for them to be sent. It seems such a waste. You could just have they as spares if you wish. Ann x

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