Brain quiver

Hi all, I am not having a good day today, I think The heat is finally finishing me off. As yet I have no official dx, but wondered if I could run a weird thing that happened to me on Friday by you all. I was in the car on the way to school. I had overdone it and was still running around but starting to flag. The traffic was horrific and had come to a standstill, which was actually quite lucky. As I was sat in the traffic, my eyes started with the nystagmus I have been getting, but it felt like my brain had started quivering like it had been tazered. It last for about fifteen seconds then slowly dissipated. Luckily the traffic hadn’t moved and I almost thought about pulling to one side and sticking my hazards in, but as it passed I felt ok so carried on. Has anyone else had this weird and not at all wonderful thing happen to them? I will document it and mention it next time I see my neuro, which isn’t for months yet. No point mentioning it to a gp, at this point in time, I am at a loss with them anyway. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this one Sam x

yes i have had similar to what you describe,i couldnt describe it,but you have done, and i know just what you mean its a horrible scary feeling,i go thru periods of getting it,and always,when i have overdone things,its so scaryi i used to think they were seizures,but the neuro said they werent.

j x

Thanks for your reply. I even called my friend up because she has epilepsy thinking exactly the same thing. The scary thing was I had the two babies in the car with me and no one else. I don’t know what I would have done had it lasted any longer as I wouldn’t have been able to even move out of the car safely to get help. Certainly makes you weary of driving far. I dread to think what might have happened if I was actually moving. :frowning: Sam x

Ps just out of curiosity, what did the neuro suggest it might be? X

hi sam

i get that feeling and especially when driving and even more especially if i get lost (which happens a lot)

i’m now scared to drive anywhere unfamiliar.

i got tickets to see neil young tonight but no way could i drive to liverpool (only 25 miles)

i’ve asked my son to drive and i feel like such a wuss.

carole x

I don’t think you are a wuss, and I haven’t set foot in my car, which pains me, as I love my car :frowning: I am trying to walk where I can but I am struggling because I do have back problems from previous surgeries which have left me with loads of problems, so something else has come along which now means a five minute job will take an hour. I am feeling a bit wobbles this morning and anticipating a recurrence of the wobbly vision to match. I guess I will have to see what the day brings. Btw, I hope the concert was great and you had a lovely time Sam x