Brain problems over time

I had a major relapse over the Christmas period in 2013/14. I had lots of brain stem lesions, lost the ability to do many normal things like walking, talking, vision, reading comprehension and memory. I eventually got back to work after 5 months of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

During this time I claimed benefits wrongly and when it was eventually sorted out the Procurator Fiscal decided to charge me with Benefit Fraud. Due to my memory issues and not having any of my evidence of the 11 phone calls and 2 meetings with members of the benefits agencies. I have pleaded guilty to 2 lesser fraud charges.

I am trying to find out if any other MS sufferers have had long term difficulties more than passing moments of not managing money, organising paperwork, calling and sorting out official documentation.

I am paying all the monies back but now I have a criminal record and will probably loose my teaching job due to nobody understanding how I could have messed up so badly over a year but still carry out a professional job.

Can anybody help me with advice or similar issues please.

Hi, sorry to hear this. Brain stem lesions can be very nasty and can trigger problems with memory and cognition.

Have you been in touch with the MS legal advice service? It’s free and states

" MS legal advice service

Sometimes you may need legal advice to help you know if you are being treated fairly, to understand your rights in a situation, or to challenge unfair practice.

We work in partnership with the Disability Law Service (DLS) to provide a legal service that offers free, confidential advice to people affected by MS. This service covers five key areas of law in England and Wales only:

  • Employment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Goods and services
  • Community care
  • Welfare benefits "


This sounds appallingly unfair. I know nothing about criminal law Im afraid. But please get some legal advice and see whether something can be done to get the case reconsidered. Ive no idea how appeals work when someone has pleaded guilty but there maybe a way. I think Disability Law Service could be a first port of call. Maybe you were coerced into pleading guilty. Also sounds like there could have been a breach of the Human Rights Act in that you were discriminated against in relation to the right to a fair trial. Also maybe can appeal on grounds that lawyer was incompetant. Good luck.

I was also wondering about te issue of mental capacity at the time of the alleged offences and at the time of pleading guilty. Though Im sure that if you get legal advice these matters will be looked at. Also could capacity have been an issue when questioned with regard to the alleged offences and did the police ensure that you had someone with you to represent your interests?

Sorry I cant be much help. Ive also got a brain full of lesions and struggle now to think through things.

Oh dear this really is awful! I can’t help thinking that someone going through such a terrible time, needs the best legal advice.

Ask the mss for advice.