Brain MRI results NOT FOUND

Just received letter with my head MRI, some would say good news some bad. There has been no obvious new inflammatory change so I do not meet eligibility criteria for siponimod treatment but it will be kept under review.
So in one way it’s great news NO real change, but in another I personally feel there’s change, but is it hiding again like it was before (he he)

no evidence of change on MRI has no equation to disease progression.

I’m waiting for an MRI brain scan to see if theres active lesions in the brain and if I can start Siponimod.
My consultant said there has to be signs of activity in the brain to start the drug.

He also said he feels I’ve progressed slightly but thats not to say theres ongoing activity within the brain, basically the progression could be down to the already damaged nerves just deteriorating with time.

Another thing he said was to get onto Siponimod the ongoing activity can only be active in the brain, anything active within the spinal cord does not count towards going onto the drug.
Lastly, he said if theres nothing active at the moment in the brain he will order new MRI’s in the future to see if I can have another “bite at the cherry”, his words not mine !

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It’s a bugger when you know there’s physical change but there’s ‘no activity in the brain’.

Like you’re suppose to applaud your nervous system for having nothing visible yet you’re actually cursing because there’s definitely been change.

Jactac I’m in your gang. Nothing has changed except there’s been change in physical condition.

Sue. Damn MS.


Since being diagnosed in 2018, were I was told I had a slow progressive secondary ms, since then I’ve gone from walking unaided, to having to use a buggy to go out, in doors I have to use a rollator. To me this isn’t slow.
I’ve still got all the same symptoms the worst of which is the burning skin and the ants doing the conga.
My neurologists hasn’t put me on anything apart from pregabalin.
I hate feeling unable to do anything when I try my hands and arms feel heavy like a ton weight, within in minutes,.
Anyway the chin will stay up and the smile will be there and laugh at a fall or a bump.