Brain lesions?

Can you have brain lesions seen on the MRI but not have ms?

any advice would be great


Hi Tyler,

I don’t think these boards can give you answers. If you look at your previous posts, you have had responses to the same question. I appreciate it’s hard to sit tight till the 01/09 for your appointment, but at least you will get answers. If you need to speak to someone before you could ring the helpline.

Take care :slight_smile:


Ok just worried and anxious

of course you’re worried and anxious, as anyone would understand, so no need to apologise. you must keep in contact here as this is a great place for support. for more specific questions, i always ask my MS nurse (have you got one?)- do you have contact with yours? if not it would be a good idea to chat to GP as if they’re worth their salt they’ll refer your questions to someone who knows (if they don’t), or if you’ve not got one, to assign you with one.

pls stay in contact :0)