Brain Fog anything for it?

I seem to suffer constantly these days from this and tiredness esp this last wee while.Just feeling totally wiped out. Then get flu like symptoms and shake ok once had a sleep.

My main problem is I have an exam to pass in 2 months(it a whole day thing) and am already panicing as my memory keeps failing me.If I fail this won’t be able to work and not that can’t do my job but I can check things in books etc obviously in an exam I can’t.

So my main question is can you get something to help?

Am already on Amantadine for fatigue but it doesn’t seem to be working now.

Thanks in advance

Hi Gladys,may I humbly suggest you try and get some GABAPENTIN from your GP.I’ve been taking it for years to try and help with pain.However,I’ve also noticed other good side-effects,but 'cos we all react differently to drugs the sharpening of focus and general boosting of spirits may not happen with you.

The good folk on here will suggest other things,but you may get lucky with the G.If you Google it you can see if you think the GP will supply it, if you think it might help.

Good Luck over the next couple of months,


People on here are going to think I’m obsessed with the drug Fampyra … but here’s a quote from an old thread about it

i saw my ms nurse about forgetting things, he said not to worry and its nothing to do with ms, can i see my dr instead for something?

Hi Gladys,

I take Provigil (Modafinil) for fatigue and whilst it doesn’t give me any more energy, it certainly wakes my brain up.

Mags x

Giving up dairy sorted out my brain fog. The connection between food and my symptoms is really interesting. Meat, eg. causes muscle weakness and fatigue. Think it’s to do with the amount of energy my body uses to digest it.

Thanks for all replies.

Interesting about diet as was thinking of going on a low fat/carb diet to see if helpedv and do need to lose weight just need to get the motivation as always too tired to do anything about it.

I do my Scarlett O’hara impersonation and say I’ll think about it tomorrow!!!