Brain Aneurysm

Well i went it to Hospital on tuesday for the results of my MRI scan and the Doc says good news and bad news. Iain you have no new lesions on your brain, bad news the scan has shown an aneurysm of your frontal lobe. So im now booked in for an MRA scan to see what the damage is, but ive been told to prepare myself for having brain surgery carried out.

I must have really miffed somebody in a previous life lol diagnosed with SPMS last year, this year a brain aneurysm.

For the more worldly on here there isnt a link is there ? and will there be any complications with already having a brain disorder ?

Kind Regards Iain.

Oh Iain, FFS, isn’t MS enough for you? Have to go one better.

But, to answer you, I’ve never heard of a connection between the two.

In a small way, you might even be glad of the MS. Without it, you might have had your brain aneurysm just go POP! one day and that would be that, game over!

But seriously, that is a combination of two bloody unlucky things both attacking your brain.

I am sorry, it’s not really been your year has it?


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Hi Sue. When i told my Dad last year i had MS his reply was well Iain MS is linked to smoking, so when i told him today what was going on his reply was " thank your lucky stars its not cancer " he has the compassion of a rattle snake in a bad mood and is the reason i stay away from them.

Its just one more thing to deal with, but hey the spotted it so alls good and my MRA scan is 28 Dec so not too far away.

Kind Regards Iain.

Neurologist is the one to ask. and not surprised they want you in PDQ, cuz aneurysm can be very serious. On the other hand, good job the MRI picked it up!

As for your dads reaction, well! I do hope you have other more supportive family and friends around.


Your Dad is an @rse.

Never mind, you have friends.

(My Dad was an @rse too! But he’s dead now, so I don’t see him either!)


Hi Iain,

I am impressed. Two brain malfunctions at the same time.

If you’re gonna go, you’re gonna go, but you haven’t gone yet so you’ll be around for a while.

My Dad was an “awkward bugger”.

I wrote that down in the Book of Condolences that his second wife bought.

Best wishes,


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hi iain

sorry to hear your bad news.

or maybe we should say good news because it has been picked up in time.

my mum had no idea she had that ticking time bomb in her head.

she was asleep and started making funny noises, ambulance rushed to her but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

one consolation was that the doctors said it could have gone off at any time, which makes my sisters and i lucky to have been born.

that will also be the case for you.

sending you all the best wishes and waves of positive vibes.

carole x

hope all goes smoothly on 28th.


all good wishes -

Wishing you all the best for the 28th!

J x

Thanks one and all . Im sure all will be good and its just another scar to add to my collection .

Kind Regards Iain.

I am very sorry to hear that you have a new ailment to add to your collection. I hope it all gets sorted out without too much aggravation for you.