Just got back from neuro ap he has ordered MRI and lumber puncture and said I have BPPV ?? Is this normal for ms ? He also said to up my amytriptine 10mg every couple of weeks until is works ( currently taking 20mg) is this normal ???

Hi as far as I know yes it is fairly common. I am on 70mg but this is for migraines. It may make you really tired and cause what they call an amytryptilline hangover - where you are suffering with residual dopyness the next morning. Hopefully you will get good results without having to go much higher as most people find the side effects not very pleasant much above 40mg x

Hi, I dont know what BPPV means…have to google it.

Re amitriptyline…

I began taking it back in 2000. I had severe pains in my thighs and bum cheeks. It felt like sitting on broken glass and made me very irritable.

I saw a locum GP and said, Okay, I am disabled. I am not going to get better. But do I have to be in so much pain? he said no and prescribed the med at a starting dose of 20mg. he said to increase the dose until I found relief.

Well i got up to 100mg before it zapped the pain. This was done over about 12 weeks.

The dose was reduced a couple of years ago. Firstly by going down to 75mg…ok…then down to 50mg and the pain returned. So back up to 75mg, which I am on now and have been for a while.

In the beginning, the drug gave me fabulous sleep…12 hours a night and i never felt zombied as some folk do. But it has no such effect now…I wish it did, as my sleep is poor.

luv Pollx

Thank poll that makes sense as that what my neuro said to up it slowly until pain stops bppv is a type of vertigo I had to google myself and from what I can gather ms folks suffer with this type ( dr goggle) so can’t really trust him lol x Love lei x

I was diagnosed with BPPV back in April and Consultant ENT ordered MRi scan, results came back yesterday and I have ‘white marks’ on both right and left side of my brain, and have been referred to a Neurologist as I’ve been told along with other symptoms, Tinnitus, blurred vision, dropping things, bumping into things that this may be early signs of MS. What do I do next?

Sorry to hear that AMe , it’s just a waiting game as far as I can tell , I also have been told I had white marks on my brain from a ct scan following a fit many years ago but now my neuro has sent me for MRI . Good luck xxx

I had 2 hours of MRIs yesterday and its definitely had a negative effect on the BPPV…great

What does BPPV stand for please?

Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo

Thanks Ame! I’ve looked it up and am wondering if that’s why I’m experiencing dizziness. Sudden head movement definitely makes it worse (though I’ve only had one episode where the spinning was so bad it made me feel ill. In a cafe. Just as my food arrived :confused: ) and I also get occasional brief involuntary eye movement that might be nystigmus. I’ll make sure to mention that when I see the neurologist.

I started feeling dizzy in January, it took til April to get the BPPV diagnosis with GP thinking I had severe labyrinthitis, an MRI was ordered by Ent specialist, with Eppley maneouvre working for a few days(how BPPV is diagnosed and treated) checking for blocks in ear canal and neck and that found myelination by chance, and now I’m here, just got bloods back from GP and all normal so that rules out things(though not ms) now wait 2 weeks at least for the spinal/cerval/brain MRI results to come back…

i havnt got a diagnosis yet but ive had positional vertigo and nystagamus for years on and off. its pretty bad just now. could this be caused by ms, it would seem quite alot of people diagnosed have this x

I’ve suffered with BPPV several times and labrinthitis. My MS nurse told me that with labrinthitis you get the dizziness and vertigo a lot of the time but if the dizziness is only triggered when you move your head a certain way then it’s BPPV (positional being the key word), something to do with calcium deposits trapped in the ear canal. I had the Eply manoeuvre and it worked (for now). The nurse also told me that BPPV and labrinthitis are totally unconnected to MS but I’m not sure - it seems to me that many people with MS suffer with both conditions. My neuro reckons that the case of labrinthitis my gp diagnosed me with 10 years ago was actually my first relapse! I think the conditions have similar symptoms so I guess it’s easy to confuse them all. But I could be wrong…