Bowing out for now and a thank you

After being diagnosed with MS completely out of the blue in the New Year with quite a severe attack and then being told it was a CIS I’ve had quite a lot to take in.

Since then I’ve posted a little on here and lurked quite a lot! I’ve researched everything on MS I can get my hands on and thought about little else. It’s consumed me.

Today I got the results of my latest MRI which shows no new changes or inflammation so I have decided to bow out of the world of MS for now. I’m not out of the woods by a long shot but for my own sanity I feel I need to draw a line under it and try to move on.

Thank you to everyone who answered my rambling / ranging posts; you really did help. I know where to come if there is a next time but for now I’m symptom free and intend to live my life to the full :slight_smile:

Well good news Go and enjoy all the best

Excellent decision. I really hope it works out for you. Karen x

Same here, wishing you all the best. Sam x

Hi dunno if youll read this, as you may have already left the forum.

If not, then let me wish you well for the future and say I understand why you feel it best to have a rest from all the info and stuff re MS.

i drown myself in info too, but i`m okay with it.

i dont have MS, but another equally disabling and incurable condition.

I have made so many buddies here and dont wanna leave them, so i`m, sticking around.

Good bye and good luck.

luv Pollx