Hi All,

I have been for 2 colonoscopies and both have not worked because the preparation was no good. First one took Moviprep the second low fibre diet, Senna and Picolax. Have any of you had the same problem and also my poos are round anyone else have this? Thanks




Hi Cindy, I’ve never had a colonoscopy so can’t help there… although I know a couple of people that have had them. I can never understand why they don’t give people an enema? Seems it would be better, but as they don’t do it I assume there’s a reason.

The round poo is caused by constipation. I get it when constipated as well.

What are you generally using for constipation?

Someone recently suggested golden linseeds which you sprinkle on cereal… I’m going to get some. Also I’ve found All Bran with hot milk does the trick! Porridge is good too.

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Thanks for you reply I have had round poos since taking my medication for over 4 years now even when I take laxatives they are still round I go to the loo every day sometimes twice so i know i am not constipated.



Hi Cindy,

Are you going to have to have another colonoscopy? I had one a couple of years ago and had the diet, senna and picolax.

I think the important thing is to drink as much as the diet sheet tells you to, and more if you can. I have a friend who didn’t do this and she was told the preparation hadn’t been good enough.

My poos are round too although I’m not constipated.

Take care,

Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for putting my mind at ease as to the round poos. I am going to speak to my GP as I cannot go through it all again for nothing I followed the diet and the drinking and still it did not work, I think people with MS need to be treated differently than normal people. I am also going to speak to my MS nurse as hopefully she will be able to give me an idea as to what can be done about the preparation.

Thanks again



Hi all,

I’ve bought some gitolden linseed (a big thank you to Whammel for the suggestion). I got it from Grape Seed 500g for £2.00 which I thought was good. I’ve been having it for 3 days now and it seems to be helping.

I hope things get sorted for you very soon Cindy.



Golden even LOL!

Hi Cindy I’ve had colonoscopy e in the past. Picolax is usually taken the day before once in the morning and once in the afternoon. You are not allowed to eat on that day only water is allowed. Did they give you two sachets. Picolax is very powerful. Usually it’s the second sachet that works for me and I loose a lot of fluid. I’ve had bowel surgery for severe constipation and Picolax works. Do you get any result fro using it. ? Did thy give any other information ie were you impacted. Sorry for the probing. Maybe it would be worth having an overnight stay prior to the procedure. If you are constipated I did a recipe for a easy brown bread that anyone can make and you could add some linseed to it.

Hi Anita, Yes I took Picolax at 5p.m. the day before and 7 a.m. the day of the procedure I also took senna for 10 days 2 pills per night and a low residue dieat for 7 days. No was not compacted went every day sometimes 2-3 times. I am going to speak to my GP don’t think my body especially MS can take any more. It was mostly water that came out after the second Picolax, have just las night finished pooing sore bum. Thanks for your imput .I am not constipated xxxxx

This is an interesting post as I have a colonoscopy booked next week with the Moviprep. I thought I would start the low fibre diet earlier than advised. I’ve got an afternoon appointment so have to take one sachet late afternoon the day before, then one at 8am on the day of the appt. I have one question. How sedated are you? I am aware that you have to lie on your left side for the procedure. I have really bad neuropathic / musculoskeletal pain on my left side & would never lie on it as too painful. Do you think I can request a heavy sedation in order that I can cope better with being in that position? This is the first time I have had this done, & feel very apprehensive as I’ll be by myself, so any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Apologies for hijacking your post, Cindy. Thanks Anne

Hi Anne

I can’t remember too much about the procedure apart from saying to people afterwards that the preparation part was worse than the actual procedure.

I know I was sedated but don’t think it was that much. It might be worth giving them a ring beforehand to ask about extra sedation.

I’ve just remembered when my mum had it done she went to sleep and came round not being aware that it was all over so they obviously can sedate you more.

Good Luck,

Sarah x

Hi Cindy round poo sound you need more laxative to me if I remember the scale check the bristoll stool scale Bristol stool scale - Wikipedia

Hi Anne, I never had a low fibre diet with the moviprep only with the picolax. I was sedated and knew nothing about it until I came round in the recovery room.Just make sure you drink plenty of fluids with the moviprep both mine did not work.


Hi guys, I had a colonoscopy 5 years ago and a sigmoidoscopy last December. Due to MS I’ve got loose stools constantly and on both occasions the picolax made me spend half the time “on the pan.”

The sedation injection relaxes you for the procedure and you’ll have to get someone to drive you home. There are no after effects, but I had slight memory loss for a couple of hours, which could’ve been related to ms.

The simoidoscopy was a shorter procrdure and I never took a seditive because the camera was only travelled half way up ( excuse the terminology).


I swear by Golden Linseed. You can sprinkle them on anything, salad, sandwiches, cereals. I have had constipation all my life and this really works. You can also put a teaspoon full in some water. Let is settle for a little while before drinking. I can’t do this as it goes like frogs spawn and makes me gag! Maybe you will have better luck than me.



My little blackboard in kitchen has got GOLDEN LINSEEDS loud and clear for next shopping order!

Pat x

You can open your bowels more than once a day and still be constipated. If your faeces are round and hard they are lacking fluid, this happens when it is in your colon for a long time and fluid is reabsorbed.

Lynne xx

I agree with Lynne. Small round stools are definitely constipation… even if going everyday or more.

Pat x


I agree with Lynne. Small round stools are definitely constipation… even if going everyday or more.

Pat x

[/quote] I agree with Pat and Lynne! Teresa xx

Oh isn’t it lovely to be in agreement about the shape of stools!

Pat xx