Bowel problems

Years ago I was told that I had ibs, took bran fibre tablets and allbran cereal to aid things.

I was dx for ppms nearly 6 years ago and feel I’ve been fortunate untill the past 20 months, when symptoms have slightly deteriorated. Don’t get me wrong, I feel lucky so far with several minor problems.

The past 3 years I’ve had wosening bowel conditions and mentioned them at a ms physio appointment. A couple of weeks later I received a letter referring me to my gp. Went to gp who examined me, said it was probably my ms causing sphincter weekness and referred me to local hospital. On initial examination the consultant confirmed gp’s assessment and was dubious that I had ms at all.

Bottom line (excuse the pun) is that I’ve to get a half-colon examination, but unsure if I require a seditive or not. Had a full one 5 years ago and seditive was mandatory and remember as if it was yesterday.

I want to drive home, so has anyone had this procedure?

Lucky so far, John.

Hi John, Haven’t had one so not sure, but if it involves the camera being put into colon I think it requires seditive… but phone the hospital to be sure.

Why was the consultant dubious about your MS? Were you dx with MRI and LP???

Good luck with it and hope they can find a way to deal with the issue.

Pat x

High Pat.

Conultant was dubious because I can walk unaided and only have progressing minor symptoms. He doesn’t realise that every ms case is different and he asked what tests I went though. Over a 15 month period I had a mri scan that showed several lesions, blood tests, a spinal fluid test and 2 or 3 tests that had wires on my scalp and watching a changing pattern on a tv screen. This test checks the eye to brain reaction time (I think).

My ms started with optic nuritis.


Hi John, I think with those tests you can be sure you have MS.

PPMS can be very slow progressing… mine is quite slow. Not everyone gets mobility problems… or some people don’t get them for many years. It is different for each and every one of us but it’s still MS.

Take care and hope you can get the bowel issue treated soon.

Pat x

Hi- you will need a sedative. Like a double gin in to your veins. You’ll need to arrange transport, even if you feel ok to drive - sorry! Had it done myself & waiting for a follow up soon, due to ulcerative colitis. Also got ppms , sometimes issues can get confused & so do I as to what is going on. Good luck.

Hi John, it’s probably worth giving them a call and asking. If you do need a sedative you may be able to ask for patient transport as it wouldn’t be safe for you to drive afterwards.

Best of luck,

Mags x