Boiled Rice

Rice is a touch and go affair to get it right.

Try this (I use Tilda Basmati but I guess any will be similar):

In a saucepan of boiling water (I usually add a little olive oil) add a cup of rice.

Bring to the boil and reduce to the lowest heat for 14 minutes.


Rinse (I kettleful of boiling water).


Da da!

Some turmeric in the water gives a lovely golden colour. Sometimes I add capsicums, sometimes nuts.

My cooking method is…

Put the rice in the saucepan.

Cover with water until it reaches one inch above the top of the rice. The length of the last joint of my thumb is roughly an inch so I dip my thumb in the water until I touch the rice. If the water level comes where the joint crease is that’s enough water.

Boil the rice until all the water’s gone.


I was taught how to cook rice by a Malasian friend and it’s never failed.

I would go for my Mahdur Jaffrey recipe but I can’t remember it! I think a ‘simple/cheap’ cooking thread could be really useful here Jose, do you want to go for it?

Mags xx


I never knew there were so many ways to cook rice. I add 2x the water to the volume of rice, bring to boil and simmer for 15 mins. If it’s Tesco value rice I rinse it under the tap first to get all the loose starchy stuff off it.



I buy uncle bens, rip the packet a bit,2mins in microwave and no washing up.


My favourite way for perfect is the phone.



or invest in a microwaveable rice maker and dont have an accident trying to move hot water

ellie x

my cooking recipe should have included:

For flavoured rice put the rice in the microwave and follow the instructions on the packaging

Rice from our local chinese takaway is much easier to cook :wink:

HI I agree with woblyboy, my local balti house do fantastic rice along with a chicken madras mmmmm…

Mine is based on Delia’s version, and never fails (and is even simpler). Add a bit of oil to the pan, add the rice and stir to coat the rice. Boil the kettle and add 1.5-1.75 times the amount of rice you used (so if you used a cup of rice, add one & a half or so cups of water). Bring the pan back to the boil, then stick the lid on it and turn the hob down to the lowest setting. Don’t touch it, and 15 minutes later, your rice is done. No draining & no rinsing. Sorted.