Boggle eyed!

Well ahoy my hearties!

My husband’s promised he’ll get me a parrot to go with my patch

I now know why my eyes tend to go in different directions and my peripheral vision has packed up on me - Nystagmus

So an eye-patch it is and I ideally need to swap so I make each eye work & get some rest.

If this works then here’s a pic, I need to get some good patches so if anyone else has had to do this, please let me know, thanks.

Sonia x

Sonia I can just picture it, you and your parrot. You can borrow our ShihTsu if you want - he loves climbing up me to try and sit on my shoulder but he’s a bit of a heavy lump if I’m honest, and usually ends up draped around the back of my neck like a very short but heavy scarf and he then chews your hair. I won’t be insulted if you pass this opportunity up…

I’m just glad you found a solution, fingers crossed it works.

Cath x


Ahoy Sonia,

I am “heartened” by your bravery. It also made me really smile. I just love the image of a parrot on your shoulder.

Perhaps a good chemist or optician would be able to advise on the best patches for the job. You may need one for each eye for the best comfort. This seems to me like physio for the eyes! Hard work me eyeties.

All the very best.


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Hi Sonia,

Unfortunately I can’t open the link but I hope the patches help…let us know.

Take care,

Nina X

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Hello, Sonia.

I have an image of your passing acquaintances getting confused over which eye is in need of treatment. That would amuse me. Like with so much we have thrown at us, it is just something else which needs to be managed. Even though you may feel like you’re in a dark corner of the MS forest, your humour and courage is much appreciated. I feel a hero themed blog coming on.

Steve. x

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I couldn’t open the link either it’s expired. They do children’s eye patches that stick to the surrounding area, I don’t know where you get them but I’m sure a quick phone call to the relevant dept in your local hospital will advise.

I had a girlie weekend in Liverpool once when I had double vision, my friend customised my eye patch with glitter and sticky hearts. It led to some very interesting conversations specially when a couple of observant people noticed I’d changed eyes.

Jan X


P.S I found th children’s patches big enough.

Jan x


That’s perfect Jan, I saw the kids ones on ebay and they do funky patterns etc. but I was wondering if I’d need to stick under the brow. I’ll certainly give them a try tho The adult ones are just not so good!

I’ve seen some pretty ones too, I want something soft for at home & make-up free so at least there’s some variety.


Sonia x

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Tee hee. Hubby knows if he’s stood by the bedroom door and I’m in bed, both eyes just will no go! Yes, I probably will need a skull & crossbones one. If Vivienne Westwood did one to match my earrings, then I’d probably have one already

Sonia x

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