Bloods taken twice

Well the vampires were out in force today.First m s nurse took 4lots .some as a marker before my injection some to see my haemoglobin and sugar levels because of the way I’ve been since Friday.she wanted to rule out things in case it wasn’t my m s the I had my g p for blood work before I go to stroke clinic next week.the vein popped at g p so bled quite a bit again.I felt as if I had been at the blood donors all day…

a lot depends on the phlebotomist and the size of needle used.

at salford royal, it doesn’t hurt or bleed.

at my gp’s it does.

at salford they use a fine needle so i asked at the GPs but they don’t have any fine ones.

suppose they cost more.

you don’t get tea and biscuits like at the blood donors either!

carole x

I k New I was missing something all got was a wee plaster…

Not even an “I’ve been a very brave girl” sticker? Outrageous!

Hello Rosie,

if the phlebotomist at my GPs does my blood tests she always says that I have very fine veins and uses the thinnest needles, she doesn’t hurt or pinch and I don’t bruise, but when the practice nurses used to do them, they often couldn’t get a vein and after stabbing at my vein 3 times would call in a doctor to do it, they always rammed the needle in and I always bruised!

proof that the more you do something the better you get.

ive also got a story about steroid infusion but I won’t tell it on this thread.