Blood tests


I started rebif like a month ago now and am due to go for blood tests, I’ve got the order forms off my nurse for it, I just wondered how you go about it exactly, would I need to go to the doctors or the hospital?


I think you can either make an appointment at your doctors or go to the hospital. My local hospital has a drop in session everyday, you just turn up with your form and wait your turn but that might not be the case for all hospitals. Aren’t there any instructions on the back of the form? I would suggest you phone the nurse or the doctors surgery and ask. Good luck! Hope the rebif is helping :slight_smile:

Hi I agree with hairbear. You can get your blood tests done at your GPs or your local hospital. If you go to your GPs you will probably need to make an appointment with the nurse to get this done- so just ring the receptionist to do this. They will probably ask who has ordered this so just say your MS nurse/Neuro. It doesn’t need to be a fasting test ie where you can’t eat before it. Remember to take the blood form the MS nurse gave with you. Alternatively you could go to your local hospital, where there will be a blood testing ward which I’m sure will be a drop in centre so you won’t need to make an appointment,just wait your turn.

Good luck