Blood test to detect biomarkers linked to myelin damage?

Hello everyone,

Today, I went to see my doctor who is an endobiogenist, implying basically that he favours natural alternatives in terms of treatments when there is something to heal or simply when the biological balance of the body needs to be readjusted to trigger a healing process.

In a nutshell, he appears to be using what looks like algorithmic formulas that were recently designed in the U.S. in order to determine whether something is not going right in the body (i.e. they can see certain biomarkers that suggest whether or not there is an underlying biological process that point out towards a certain condition). I explained to him that I have experienced since last February some neurological symptoms, which lead me to believe that I may have an autoimmune condition, as the symptoms were matching to a certain extent with those of MS. I told him about my test (i.e. MRIs and nerve conduction studies, which were both negative), and told him that I was somehow confused about what is going on. I also told him about my previous vitamin D deficiency, and explained him that I am now taking high doses in order to see whether this would help.

Anyhow, he said that all his laboratory results (i.e. if I well understood, these are really specialised tests that you do not commonly find with your conventional general practioner) suggest that I have no underlying autoimmune condition (i.e. including MS). I told him that in my understanding MS cannot be diagnosed with a simple blood test, even though the research is going in that direction. He told me that his research methods (i.e. blood test protocol) is the most advanced that one can find for the moment, and that they can see whether the myelin sheets in the nervous system have been attacked by certain biological agents (i.e. basically, if the myelin is destroyed, it releases certain bio-makers in the blood that can be detected and correlated with the pathological activities of certain demyelinating diseases such as MS). He showed me all his data on the computer, and the word myelin was indeed there, and values were in their normal reference values.

He nonetheless told me that my thyroid was working a bit too much, and that the gland between my eyes (i.e. I can’t remeber the name of it) was not at all in its normal values (i.e. instead of let’s say being between 1.5 and 2, I am at something like 0.000001), which to me sounds quite drastic but at least I can quite easily regulate it via the consumption of certain ingredients according to him. He said that these two phenomenon, combined with high levels of stress, have probably messed up a bit my nervous system, which would accordingly explains my neurological symptoms.

If you are still with me, here we go for the question and the quest for answers: have you ever heard of a blood test that could perform what I just described above? He was convince that nothing autoimmune was going on in me (i.e. stating that these lab results are accurate at between 95% and 98%, and this margin of error is created within the context of cancer detection methodologies).

Looking for wise thoughts, or any opinions :slight_smile:

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas, a bit late but sincere, and a stable and healthy new year :slight_smile:

Blue Marble


To be honest he sounds to me like a snake oil salesman. Or you could describe it as a smoke and mirrors magic trick. If there was indeed a magical blood test which could reliably identify the presence of an autoimmune condition, then I doubt that there would be quite so many people in limbo.

However, as this shaman identified that you don’t have MS, this actually goes along with traditional methods which have ascertained that you don’t have MS.

Mind you, it’s a bit like going to see a fortune teller, explaining everything that had happened in your life and being astonished when they deduced everything about your prior life correctly.

But, I am naturally a nasty suspicious person. I don’t believe in blood tests that will give you answers that traditional medicine cannot.


It must be some 30 years ago now when I had had a blood test, I think because I was unsure whether or not I was fully emptying my bladder. This was long before my ‘bad leg’ incident and any mention of MS. I was told by a newly qualified GP that everything was normal but that I did have a ‘predisposition for Rheumathoid Arthritis’. This was no surprise to me because my mother had had RA.

Anyway, now, having read far more, I realise that RA and MS are both autoimmune diseases.

That’s as far as I can go at the moment, but to add that my mother’s ‘old wives tale’ suggested that RA would skip a generation… Errr, it did…!!!

There is a blood test for RA. Just not for autoimmune disorders generally or MS in particular.