Blood Group

My niece informed me today that it is unlikely that she will develop m.s. because her blood group is rhesus negative.

Told this when she went to donate blood.

Anyone else aware that a person’s blood group may make it more likely that they develop m.s.

Never heard this one ?

Be interesting get a little study going to see if theres a trend in blood groups ?

For the record I’m B positive (I think)

Might be worth reading .

I’m O negative which is apparently quite rare. Shame they don’t want my blood because of MS…

I’m afraid that can’t be right as I’m Resus negative.

Mags xx

I’m O negative too

My son is AB Positive Coombs Negative.

You wont find rarer than that !

Anyone in this group , only 3.4 % of the population, can receive any type of blood group without rejection.

I am The Negative too.