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Hi Gang anyone else out there use things like Twitter Pinterest or blogging ? Is my Disabled Don Pinterest address is my Twitter account I know Pat twitters I use it to promote Thanet and Margate

I run my Disabled Don Blog

and which is my main blog with over a thousand posts I run a few other blogs

the reason I ask is because I spend ages on the internet and these online tasks are what fill my time, I could just watch cats on skateboards or listen to music on youtube dont worry I do watch them as well. I like my computer


Hi Don

I am quite pleased with myself being able to manage (just about) this site, there is no way I could cope with twitter as well.

I see my kids on there on their phones, and it is reams and reams of messages they go through, and I just think noooo way Jose!!

I take my hat off to you.

Pam x

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I’m more of a Facebook user but I have twitter, more of a reader that a tweeter, but I will follow now!

Love Pinterest, it’s fab!

will look for you, whahahahahaa

polly xxx


Pam my kids ha ha the eldest is 36 hardly a kid can text and talk at the same time plus watch tellie I can’t answer before they text again. I am a numpty really I do what I can do but the kids are so much better than me.

Polly I am on Facebook but don’t like it. Pinterest is great I love photography and love looking at pictures.



like little red I’m a facebook user I’ve got twitter too but not sure bout it I’m very easily confused!!!nevver been on pinterest might give it a go my kids make it look so easy !

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I savee pictures I like to Pinterest today I have been looking at old lorries and saved some pictures of lorries from my youth. I save stuff I Like all in one place