Blogs about climate and MS?

Me? I’ve had it 26y rrms and am on Ocrelizumab now. The last two years have seen me become very heat sensitive. I wanted to read of others experiences, adaptations.

I enjoy reading blogs by real people so thought I’d ask here. Thank you.


Ho Dom Can’t say I’ve ever searched for any blogs. But it’s well known heat can have a big effect on us. Apparently back in the olden days before there were things like MRI scanners, one way they’d diagnose ms was to get you to have a hot bath, then see how rubbish you felt after. During the heatwave last year I was having at least two cold showers a day to stay functional. If it’s humid too then that makes it lots worse for me. I tend to find low pressure makes a difference as well, when the weather feels heavy. Dan

Hi folks

Yes my SPMS is definitely dictated by the weather.


Thanks, folks. I just missed the ‘hot bath’ diagnosis era. Still, I hate baths as I feel shocking when I stand up.

Back around 2002 Mrs hillybilly and I went over to Canada to see our daughter when we arrived a heat wave had begun it was 97 degree f we had a 4 hour drive to daughters house witch didn’t have air con .

I had been diagnosed with sle a few month previously that first night I suffer badly with the heebie jeebies couldn’t sit still or ly still I was a shaking wreck with sweat running of me and that was the next 14 days we managed to buy a aircon unit for the daughter before we came home so at least I got a few days decent sleep and felt a lot better .

We had a few hot summers since I worked in agriculture all my life and suffered often with both heat and cold retired now so can stay in the cool when it’s hot we have a aircon unit .

Take it easy hilly