Morning all.

How do you start a blog On the MS site.

I keep seeing blogs about peoples experiences.

Saw one this morning about a ladies horror at doing self catheterization.

Well I’m a fellow and it had the same effect on me but I have one even more horrible to think about.


Morning all.

Well I take it that know body knows the answer, which I find quite surprising.

If I had used bad language the mods would reply in some way.

So come on mods please answer the question.


Morning Ronin

​Is it a blog on this actual forum you want to set up…or am I being my usual dizzy self

Just introduce it has your personal blog and off you go.


If there is a special section Ronin, I don’t know about it. Have you tried sending Val a private message.

We have a Christmas avatar type blog, that has been going for the last week or so.

Hope someone can help you sort this soon


Can go into Blog section and read them but can’t post one.

E-mailed support but no reply.

If I had put a load of Fing and Blinding on or was abusive or some of the postings which are obviously bogus I’m sure I would have got a reply.

That’s why I was interested in blogging.

Especially after reading the lady with the Lets talk Wee.

Something occared to me after I became wheelchair bound and was unable to transfer and need a hoist.


My humble apologies Ronin. Just had a brief look on the blog section, never noticed it before

Take a look at Trevis Gleason’s community blog. He’s an expert blogger! Click on his contact page and email him, I’m sure he will be more than happy to advise you


Hello Ronin,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I’m VERY sorry i missed this, I feel terrible, we are rather busy and understaffed at the moment- in future please don’t hesitate to send me a private message if it’s an enquiry re: the website and its content.

There’s no need to be F’ing and blinding. Well, sometimes there is, but best not to do it here.

If you wanted to post a comment after Shana’s blog, sharing your experience, it would probably be really helpful if you did so after the Facebook post of the blog- which you can find here

There’s been quite a big chat about it- which you may find informative This would probably be really useful to those who’d read it and are interested in the topic. You may find that’s the quickest and most impactful way to respond to Shana’s blog.

There is process for becoming an MS Society blogger - and it’s not one that I have any sway over, but no doubt it would be helpful if you had an existing blog or some examples of your writing that could be shared with the Editorial team.

Hope that’s in some way helpful and once again, sorry for the slow response.

Stewart (admin)

So as I read it there is no MS blog facility you need to have your own.

No offence but the subject is worthy of its own blog I think it would make people think.

Perhaps its worth the MS site setting up a blog.

I believe that writing down your thought is supposed to be good for you.

I didn’t realise it is so formal, which puts people like myself off the idea.

Ease of access would surely encourage more people.

Having to go through the editorial team is off putting but understandable.

Think I will just post it on here which will probably show how uninteresting it is.


P S I know there is no need to F and blind but I at last got a responce.

Hi Ronin,

As I said, it’s not my aisle and I’m not responsible for the commissioning of content. I hear what you’re saying- the blog posts are officially sanctioned MS Society content which gets posted to our Facebook page and also to Twitter- which is then seen by many thousands of people worldwide.

On that basis, the Editorial team have to consider very carefully what’s posted, how it’s illustrated, how it will be promoted and whether all the information within it is factually correct. This can be a lengthy process.

However, the whole point of the Forum (and our Facebook page and Twitter) is that people can share their experiences without having to go through our rigorous editing process.

I hope that makes sense. If you do post on the forum about your experience, I’ll do my best to promote it and see that it’s read by a wider audience.

Best wishes

Stewart (admin)

Buck up man! Post on here, lots of people will read it…I will

Don (hoppity) he has a blog and he put’s the link to his stories on here regular…very interesting too.

Like I said before, try keeping a thread just for your pesonanl blog. If it doesn’t work out, delete it! at least you will have tried

Good luck xx