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Living in the Unknown Heads Up with Multiple Sclerosis : Living in the Unknown

That hot drink episode sounds very scary :frowning: I’ve had the loss of knowing which way’s up/down/right/left, wheretf am I experience when it’s gone dark, but never with a mug of boiling liquid in my hand! Numb hands is a very cruel thing to do to a poker player :frowning: At least now you have a diagnosis to shut up the disbelievers. And I’m sure there must be ways to have someone or something to help rake in and stack winnings :slight_smile: Have you seen Late Night Poker? Love that programme :slight_smile: (Hubby and I like a game of Texas Hold’em :-)) Karen x

Hi Karen, Yeah I love late night poker too. I used to watch so much poker. Now I prefer to just play :wink: I think the dealer or tournament director would stack the chips if I really needed it. Luckily my hands aren’t too bad at the moment, so I can do it. But one thing I’ve learnt over these few years, is there’s always another way of doing something. Jon