Blocked Toilet and No Heating - help needed

We have been left in a situation by insurance company repair works where our drains have been damaged with the toilet backing up and now a leak under the concrete floor which means we have no heating.

My partner has MS. We cannot afford to pay for legal advice nor wait months to go through the insurance complaints procedure and the Ombudsman. I am seriously questioning whether our home is habitable for someone with MS.

Does anyone know of any free legal MS helplines. We need something quick to put pressure on the insurance company. We have made a complaint to the insurance company but as mentioned above this takes time.

Thank you

Don’t know if your renting or owners, but environmental health maybe (think you call local council). Adult social services maybe if impacting on partners health?

What have your insurance company said? If they’ve caused problem they should be first on list, just suggestions I don’t know answer sorry

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@Slug - thank you for the suggestions - some we have tried, some yet to try.

The CAB might be able to help.

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In addition to the excellent suggestions above, I would ring the MS Society Helpline on 0808 800 8000.

Good Luck


The disability law service ( offer free legal advice and they have an MS legal officer.


Also threaten to tell your story to Watchdog. It’s exactly the kind of story Watchdog love and the kind of publicity big companies hate. I used this tactic when my parents were having difficulty obtaining a refund for a faulty disability aid bought from an online company. After a few emails which were ignored, I emailed again and threatened to take the story to Watchdog. My parents were immediately given a full refund and the company never even collected the faulty goods! Result.

Tracey x