Blink of an eye

Please could someone advise whether an MS episode can come on very rapidly? For example, over not more than half an hour go from feeling perfectly normal to flat out exhausted in bed feeling terrible?

Thank you.

Yes absolutely! Unfortunately it seems to take longer getting back to normal. One Extrem to the other!

Thanks for replying. Does it mean I have done too much and caused it or can this just happen? Thank you x

I was going to say “yes, absolutely!”, too. With me, it usually only happens when I’ve pushed myself too hard, but the reaction may be delayed by several days and so seemingly comes out of the blue. In cases like this, after a period of rest (which may be a day or three), I’m back to my normal. If it keeps happening, watch the pattern and see what triggers it.

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Thank you. That is so helpful to know. I am really grateful to you both.

It hit me about 13:30 and I lay down and slept mostly until 20:00. Then I got up and had some dinner my partner had made. Now it’s just before 06:00 and I feel 90% back to normal and able to take the children to school.

Trying to keep rational head on and not panic about what is happening to me.

It’s very hard to learn the pattern that MS has with you, particularly since it’s often quite random. Track your symptoms and issues and see if you can find things that trigger the bad spells. It may be something simple, like having to limit the number of activities you do in one day. It might be a bit more complicated.

With me, I know that I can’t go shopping and mow grass on the same day or even on consecutive days. I can cook a full meal and wash dishes or wash dishes and clothes, but I can’t cook and do laundry on the same day. I’ve been dealing with MS for decades now, so I’ve gotten used to making trade-offs. It can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with children, partners, and pets.

Thank you Norasmom. That is very helpful. I am sorry you have been going through this such a long time but it’s great that you are willing to help people like me. I don’t know what will happen next. I am seeing the neurologist on Friday. Always seen him for migraines and balance/vertigo before. Always told me MRI showed nothing. Now I will be telling him of extraordinary exhaustion, pains in my legs and hips and really struggling if I am on my feet for more than 30 or so at a time.

See if you can push to get another MRI right away. I’m of the opinion that if you don’t get one while you’re actually having major issues it may come too late to show small lesions.

Thanks will do. I guess all neurologists can see what they are looking for for MS can they or do I need to find one who is an MS specialist? I have only ever had my brain and blood vessels in head scanned. Never my spine.