Bladder operation.

Due for a bladder operation on Wednesday week. Anyone had one?This is due to urine frequency and poor flow. Advice would be appreciated as it is scaring me knowing they are working in a very sensitive area. It seems to be maybe causing these strange feeling on my left side due to worry :frowning:

Hi BE, I haven’t had the surgery… but want to wish you well.

Won’t it be fab to get back to normal peeing!

Remember, stress makes MS symptoms go completely nuts… so it’s not surprising you’re getting some problems. Try and relax as much as possible (eeek easier said than done eh?).

I know it is a sensitive area but you will be with highly skilled surgeons… so remember that and the results I’m sure will make it all worth it.

Sending you lots of good wishes. Will soon be over and you will be on here telling us how great it is and how glad you are that you’ve had it done!

Pat x

Hi, are you having your urethra stretched? I recently saw a urologist re an spc and he said he would do the stretching op, but I said that wouldnt help my problem of getting to the loo in time, before I void my bladder.

Hope the op does the trick.

luv Pollx