Bladder help!

Does anybody know if you are not emptying bladder is there other options other then using a catheter? My bladder problem has gone from going all time frequency to not hardly going and when do only passing little amounts after so called expert give my a tablet tht has caused me to retain fluid.

Sounds as if the meds you are on are working too well. l would think not passing enough is far worse then going frequently. lf you are feeling very uncomfortable then you could go to A&E. A simple ultra-sound test can show how full your bladder is. There are some new meds for bladder control - Betmiga- only spoken about this last week on this forum. So have a look at previous posts on bladder control. Keep off caffeine drinks - and drink water only. lts a mistake to stop drinking- you do not want to get a uti.

Keep a diary of how much you drink -and measure what you pass. The dr. will need to know these facts.

Ye worked too well I only took 2 tablets. I am keeping diary as see continence team next week. I only 20 n really don’t want a catheter as no offender to any1 but I’d feel like an old person.

hiya col

catheters don’t mean old but i know what you mean.

if your continence nurse advises you to use them the speedicath ones are very discreet, just the size of a lippy.

the other option is to have botox in your bladder but then you’ll have to use catheters

good luck

carole x

He i no doesn’t mean I old sorry if cause offence. Is there any other option like tablets then? Like I said was fine just had frequency before took tht medication I got prescribed. Also I have carried on drinking but if my bladder has loads left in it isn’t that bad and more likely to get an infection?

Oh ye would I still be able to have children?

hi col

urine left in the your bladder will lead to infections. (think of stagnant water)

my bladder nurse told me it would eventually lead to kidney problems so i agreed to self catheterise.

now catheterising also causes infections so i take one trimethoprim tablet a day.

i have no idea whether or not it affects having children but i should think not.

go and have a chat to your continence nurse.

if you end up having to catheterise, its not the end of the world.

in fact it feels good to know that my bladder is empty and i wont need a mad dash to a loo for a couple of hours.

i have an overactive bladder but didnt want tablets so i was given patches (kentera)

carole x

Ok thanks for your help and I’m very sorry if offended you

hi col

you didnt offend me, just want to help because the help i’ve had from people on here has really helped me through.

hope you get it sorted

carole x

Hi col, I am sure you didnt offend anyone…I know what you mean about using a catheter makes you feel old!

I am 61 and have a suprapubic catheter…and I`m not old! gain, no need to apologise hun.

I dont think bladder problems would stop you having children, but if it caused kidney problems as well, then I dont know.

Drinking less water and not enough could lead to infections and possible kidney problems too.

I had my spc put in last July. Before that I had retention and urgency and i had 6 months of infections. After the op, I was told my bladder was chronically inflamed!

Your continence nurse should be able to help you and settle your mind.

luv Pollx