Bladder and bowel urgency

Hi all, I’ve made a remarkable discovery. Occasionally I get sudden bladder or bowel urgency, and if I don’t get to a toilet really quickly, an accident is likely, with all the mess and distress that this involves.

Recently I was making some toast, and I suddenly needed to go for a wee. I didn’t want to let the toast burn, and I didn’t want to switch off the toaster, so without quite realising it, I started rubbing the area just above my crotch. Amazingly, the bladder urgency subsided completely and I enjoyed nice perfectly-browned toast. I can’t vouch for whether this will work for ladies, but for gentlemen I’m confident that it will, as I’ve used the technique many times since, and it always makes the bladder emergency disappear.

As for bowel emergencies, I vigoroursly rub the area at the base of my spine, just above my bum-crack. Again, incredibly, the bowel emergency stops and I can buy some time - not as much time as with bladder emergencies, but still enough to be relaxed about getting to the toilet.

I can’t explain this, but I would guess that our damaged neural pathways are poor conductors of messages and because of this can trigger bladder and bowel emergencies even when a real need to ‘go’ is not there: vigorous rubbing in the right area distracts the already confused neural pathways and makes them forget about sending jumbled signals to do with needing the toilet.

In any case, whatever the explanation, it works and I’m delighted. I’d be very interested to hear of other people’s experiences with this technique.


Now that`s magic!

I`ll give it a go!

luv Pollx

i’ll keep you informed but dont hold out much hope for myself

carry on rubbing

carole x

Good news Chris - glad it works for you! Teresa xx

Im so going to try this. May look weird but hey ho, rather look weird then miss the loo. Thanks

Darren27, I’m (erm) busting to hear how you get on with this!

Your GP, or hospital you visit for appointments relating to MS, should arrange for you to see a Continence Advisor about your bladder. You may start wearing padding, incontinence underwear or sheaths attached to a bag.

As Colin said above, the sheath & leg bag option will be more fail safe. If you don’t know about it, the sheath is like a condom with a hole at the end. This then attaches to a small bag which straps to your leg. It’s great for when you’re going out & don’t know when or where you’ll be able to get to the toilet in an emergency. You can also get larger bags for use during the night as well, and you can get them all on prescription. Have a look at this page for more (Sample a range of Ostomy and Continence products today - Coloplast UK), and ask to be referred to a continence nurse if you want to try them.