Bladder and bowel issues

This is such a difficult thing to talk about and the gp I spoke to was horribly dissmissive so I thought I’d ask on here… Not currently diagnosed with anything, got my first neuro appointment on Friday. One thing I’m struggling with is incontinence, I’m 38 with 4 children, I usually have to cross my legs tightly when I sneeze or cough, I can live with that, lately though, if I need to go it starts to dribble out before I can get there and sometimes I ‘drip’ slightly without feeling it. I also had a bowel accident a couple of weeks ago which was beyond mortifying, the time between feeling like I needed to go and getting to the bathroom was just not long enough. Can anyone relate to this? Is it cos of my age and 4 pregnancies, am I not doing enough pelvic floors or is this not normal? My gp made me feel so stupid.

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I have been told that a lot of women who have had children have stress incontinence and wee a bit if they cough, sneeze or laugh and that it is completley normal. I have suffered from incontinence since I was a child due to spinal problems. Not sure about the bowel problem but I am sure someone else will be able to help with that one.

Hi Cookie, yes, it is common to have a weak bladder following child birth, but not so much for bowel accidents.

Neurological problems can cause these issues. I am a sufferer…I have a catheter for my bladder and can never tell if I have wind or need the loo! I`ve had a lot of those types of accident. It is awful and so embarrassing.

You dont say anything about other problems, which would need a neurologist.If it is more the bladder issue, I would have thought it would be of use to see a urologist.


Thanks for your replies. There are other issues that caused me to get referred to a neurologist esp brain fog, numbness, tingling pain and fatigue, I wasn’t sure if the bladder and bowel things are relavant.

Hey Cookie - tick for me for bladder problems. Not in continence-Intermittent self catheterisation and bladder Botox.

Bowels are the worst - chronic constipation requiring movicol and profananol and magnesium. Then occasional very embarrassing faecel intontinenece thrown in which is horrible- always carry a spare pair of knickers and tena lady pad in my handbag. I can never predict when it is going to happen

Let’s hope your bowel accident was a one off.


Min xx

Just had nine weeks of feocal impaction requiring laxatives every five days. Can’t go at all now without pain, was so fragged after the first few weeks when I realised what was going on.

Think today might be back to normal but have to see. Felt the need to go for the first time in two months this aft and also when sitting there (not going) I had normal pushes not felt for two months. I used a suppository and bit my skin on my thumb clean through going but managed in the end. Have to use laxatives for a week or so to heal. I feel the skin split when I go. Not wonderful.

I get dribbles too from the urinary dept, but thought it might just go with the menopause and being in my fifties. I have a pelvic floor that can pull a bus up a hill so it’s not that (I row). I do wonder.

Good luck Cookie! 80% of MS folk have bladder or bowel issues, apparently. So you’re in good company!