Bladder and belly pain

Hi, for the last 6 months ive had the worst pain in my life. Its all in my tummy area and bladder. It also spreads to my back and hurts to breathe. Local docs are saying there is no infection even thou it stings when i pee. I used to be on methatrexate ( anti inflammatory) for my neuro condition but stopped as this was making pain worse. Then i started mycophenolate last week but again making the pain worse. Its at point its making me bed bound as the pain is so bad. Its making me get up in the night to pee more than usual and am going more during the day amd its more urgent than normal also. Im stuck whether to stick with mycophenolate ( incase this is cause) or continue which is what my ms nurse recommends. But all i no is i cannot hack pain much longer. Hope someone can shed some light, thanks

Maybe you ned a kidney, bladder scan.

This could be with a CT scan or a flexible scope thingy, put into your bladder.

I had all this but nothing was found and the pain subsided eventually.


Back to your GP

Is the pain on the top right side under your ribs?

If so, it could be gall stones - and an infected gall bladder.

I had this last summer. They took the whole bit of kit out.


Could be septicaemia - get a blood test and urine test again - just in case.


Excellent point Fay. It’s too easy to put every thing that goes wrong with our bodies down to MS. Other things can be responsible too.


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My GP said - you are at risk if your are ‘fair, fat and over forty’, which is me.

BTW Sue pleased to see you are out and about.

All the best