Bit of a traumatic week (not all MS related)


Most of this isnt MS related but needed to share it… was trucking on OK waiting for my L/P and a bit nervous but not doing too badly.

Then two weeks ago my daughter developed a cold; by the middle of the night (2am) her breathing didn’t look that great and we were just debating what to do (she is only 2 1/2 and prone to chest infections, but hasn’t had one for 6 months) when she stopped breathing. Then all panic stations, for a horrible moment we didn’t know which way things were going to go, very scary indeed. My amazing husband did CPR while I rang 999 and relayed their instructions, and she spluttered back to life. The 999 people were fantastic and kept everything together until the first ambulance arrived (two came, still not sure why) - they took one look at her and said “we’re taking her in now, get your shoes on” - my husband was first on with the shoes and went in with them while I got a neighbour to come and stay with our son (who managed to sleep through the whole thing) and then drove in after them. Thankfully she was out of the woods and high dependency unit within a day and a half and then home again about 5 days later, but it was all a bit of a shock and we are still reeling.

The only blessing was that my L/P didnt seem half as scary! Not much fun, but at least I got a long lie down. However a few hours later my headache started, what a nightmare that was. Perfectly OK lying down, in agony sitting or standing, cried all the way home from the school run the next day when it came back again. Two days of complete lying flat and then woke up all fine.

So there we go. Put the whole MS thing in a bit of perspective, but could still do without it! Waiting for L/P results - not sure how long they take? Neuro was a bit vague about that.


YIKES! How absolutely terrifying! And thank heavens that your daughter is OK now.

You definitely got the “headache from hell” :frowning: It’s sometimes called a “postural headache” because it comes on when you try to sit up, but that term just doesn’t do it justice! At least it didn’t hang around toooo long.

How long LP results take seem to vary. It’s not usually quick though - weeks rather than days :frowning:

Karen x

How scary for you Ali - I’m so glad your daughter is OK. There i’s nothing worse than when our children have to be hospitalised. As you say, it puts everything into perspective. Sorry about your LP, I was lucky mine went without a hitch and without any after effects. Glad recovery time wasn’t too long. Unfortunately, my results took two months to come back but that may be unusually long! Teresa xx

What a nightmare and a half!

I was so frightened for you about your little girl…bless her.

Hope the lp results are kind.

lots of love and hugs,