Birthday card - not MS

Today my next door neighbour popped a birthday card through the letter box. Isn’t that nice? It’s not my birthday though, but it is my wedding anniversary, although I didn’t know them when I got married.

Do I smile sweetly and say thank you, or do I smile sweetly, say thank you and tell them they’re eleven days early?

Trivial I know xx

How odd! Do you have anniversary cards displayed on your windowsill or something, which they may have seen from outside, and concluded: “Must be her birthday!”?

Unless, perhaps, they are going away or something, so had to put it through the door early?

Have they got it right in previous years?



No to the first question and yes to the last. They don’t go away any more, they only leave the house for shopping and medical appointments. Long story.

At a loss, to explain, in that case. Perhaps, they will ask: “Did you have a nice birthday?”, in which case you can reply: “Thank you for asking, and thank you for your card - but actually, it’s a few days away yet!”

But if they are elderly, and/or ill, as you imply, I’d probably just thank them anyway, and leave it at that. If they are effectively housebound, it’s kind they are remembering neighbours’ birthdays at all, even if they didn’t get it quite right.



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I’ll probably just say thanks and leave it at that.

As I say, it’s a long story, they’re not that old or housebound, they do have some health problems which are under control, but they are very negative.

well yeh with all what`s going on in their lives, I suppose it was really nice of them to bother. Just say thanks.