Bird food

I spend ages looking out of my back window into the garden, we have steps down into the garden about nine so it has been a fair while since I was last able to get out there. I love watching my birds, when I could hold a pen I used to keep a log of how many what type etc but I cant do it anymore and doing it on the computer just aint the same. Well I saw an advert in the weekend paper for cheap bird food delivered in bulk and it seems much cheaper but there in hangs the dilema. Do I support local shops, well does Heather I never go to the birdfood shop or save money and buy online?

I am the first to tell people use it or loose it when it comes to shop local but this is going to hurt in the wallet

Confused of Margate. Don

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We have the same issue. I used to buy it from a small local pet shop, but Ruth now gets it from a garden centre which again was a small local business but has now been swallowed by a chain.


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Hi Don, I always have the same dilemma … use and support local shops or buy online.

Unfortunately my situation means a lot of buying online. I’m not always well enough to go out… in fact these days I can easily go a fortnight without going out… and I live alone… so internet is an absolute necessity and I really wonder what I would do without it.

I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon even though I hate it that they don’t pay UK tax.

I buy most of my food from Tesco online even though I know they are a huge global monopoly who put small shops out of business.

But what are we to do?

I think if money is tight and the internet deal is very good, you should go for it. Although I agree it’s not an easy decision.

I buy bird pellets very cheap on Amazon… and the pet shop where I live did close down… although then again the woman in there was very unfriendly. They can’t expect to keep customers when they are so unfriendly.

Internet Consumer of Wood Green Pat xx

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I buy mine in bulk from a local feed merchant…is that the right name…horse food and farmers stuff etc?

Its a small independantly owned little place but even so, as long as I buy in bulk they are by far the cheapest…even cheaper than Amazon or any other internet sites. They even load up the car for my poor long suffering husband!

Like Pat I buy suet pellets from Amazon…I use so many but I make up for that by buying my fat balls from the RSPB, fortunately I don’t use quite so many of those…except when there’s babies about . My other extravagance is bird friendly coffee from the RSPB…fortunately don’t use too much of that either!

It worries me sometimes that I spend far more than I should on bird food but they give me so much joy it’s worth every penny!

Nina x

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